Books & Chapters

Boskey ER (2021) 5-alpha reductase deficiency in HL Armstrong (Ed.) Encyclopedia of sex and sexuality: understanding biology, psychology, and culture. ABC-CLIO.

Boskey ER (2021) Androgen insensitivity syndrome in HL Armstrong (Ed.) Encyclopedia of sex and sexuality: understanding biology, psychology, and culture. ABC-CLIO.

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Boskey, ER (2021) Gender affirming surgery: Men, bottom in A Goldberg & G Beemyn (Ed.) Encyclopedia of transgender studies. SAGE Publications

Boskey, ER (2021) Gender affirming surgery: Men, top in A Goldberg & G Beemyn (Ed.) Encyclopedia of transgender studies. SAGE Publications

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Chapter in the Encyclopedia of Global Studies (SAGE 2012)

Uncredited writer of three chapters on Pelvic Pain, Full Body Pain, and Face and Mouth Pain in Your New Pain Prescription (Rodale 2011)

Revised and added material to The Truth About Rape (DWJ Books 2010)(Grades 9-12)

Author of America Debates: Genetic DNA Testing(Rosen Publishing 2007) (Grades 5-8)

Ghostwriter of untitled parenting book for Taiwanese market (2007)

Writer/researcher of The InVision Guide to Sexual Health (Harper Collins 2006)

Co-writer/researcher of The InVision Guide to the Healthy Heart (Harper Collins 2005)


Sexually Transmitted Diseases @ (now (April 2007 – Present) Note: Over 400 original articles on topics related to sexually transmitted diseases, sexual health, and gender health.

Science Writing on the Web

IAS 2013 – Innovation in HIV(ViroChannel)

The Changing Shape of a Life with HIV(ViroChannel)

New Ways of Thinking about Prevention at IAS2013(ViroChannel)

IAS 2013 Wrap Up – Dolutegravir and the New State of the ART(ViroChannel)

Flying High with Aviator(ViroChannel)

The 2013 International Liver Congress – Welcome to the Future of Liver Health(ViroChannel)

Simeprevir: Looking For The Next Generation of DAAs(ViroChannel)

GS 5816 – Covering Multiple Bases(ViroChannel)

Hepatitis C Treatment: Looking Towards The Next Generation

AIDS 2012 – Looking for an End to AIDS (ViroXChange)

Treatment as Prevention – A Cause and a Controversy (ViroXChange)

AIDS 2012 – Turning the Tide Together (ViroXChange)

What’s in the Pipeline – Clinical Trials for Antiretroviral Therapy (ViroXChange)

HIV Prophylaxis – the Good, the Bad, and the Confusing (ViroXChange)

HIV in MSM – More About Biology than Behavior (ViroXChange)

Motivating Scientists to Search for a Cure (ViroXChange)

Women and HIV : The Debate over Hormonal Contraceptive (ViroXChange)

New Options for HIV/TB Co-infection (ViroXChange)

HCV/HIV Co-infection – Barriers and Opportunities (ViroXChange)

Improving Resistance by Cutting Out The Middle Man (ViroXchange)

The Problem of Latency – Is SAHA a Solution? (ViroXchange)

Treatment as Prevention and Community Viral Load (ViroXchange)

Checking in With D:A:D (ViroXchange)

Inadequate Testing & the Problem of Undiagnosed HIV (ViroXchange)

The Problem of Retention in HIV Care (ViroXchange)

Quad Therapy: Looking Like a Home Run (ViroXchange)

Circumcision as Prevention : An Update (ViroXchange)

CAPRISA 004 – Looking for Resistance (ViroXchange)

HIV and Hormonal Contraception (ViroXchange)

Critical Breakthroughs in the Treatment of HIV/HCV Coinfection (ViroXchange)

A Fresh Look at PrEP (ViroXchange)

Understanding Canine Epilepsy: A Review of the Current Peer Reviewed Literature (White Paper)(AKC Canine Health Foundation Website – AKCCHF)

The Health Implications of Early Spay and Neuter(AKCCHF )

The Big (and Small) Six (AKCCHF)

Dark Dogs Highlight Cancer’s Complexity(AKCCHF)

Engineering Better Options for Canine Joint Repair (AKCCHF)

Using Technology to Track Disease (AKCCHF)

Investigating Influenza(AKCCHF)

Expanding Understanding of Exercise-Induced Collapse (AKCCHF)

New Treatment Goes After Notoriously Tough Cancer Stem Cells(AKCCHF)

There for Each Other –Relationships Between Humans and Dogs on Search and Rescue Teams(AKCCHF)

Phenobarbitol – The Better Choice for Canine Epilepsy(AKCCHF)

Developing a System to Study B-cell Cancers(AKCCHF)

Elucidating the Cause of Epilepsy in Belgian Shepherd Dogs (AKCCHF – In Press)

Does Oxidative Stress Play a Role in Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia? (AKCCHF – In Press)

Exploring How Cancers Become Resistant to Treatment (AKCCHF – In Press)

Improving the Study of Cancer in Dogs (AKCCHF – In Press)

Hunting for Hereditary Diseases in the German Shepherd(AKCCHF)

Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy – No Easy Answers(AKCCHF)

Survivin’ Canine Osteosarcoma (AKCCHF)

Understanding Transmission of Leishmaniasis in Foxhounds (AKCCHF))

Liposomal Clondronate as a Treatment for Malignant Histiocytosis (AKCCHF)

Can Human Research Improve the Diagnosis of Canine Lymphoma? (AKCCHF)

Building a Roadmap for the Canine Genome (AKCCHF – In Press)

Using Technology to Target Tumors (AKCCHF)

Malignant Histiocytosis: Looking for a Cure (AKCCHF)

An Improved Understanding of Canine Paw Anatomy May Help Get Injured Dogs Back On Their Feet (AKCCHF)

Looking for Normal – The Importance of Basic Research for Canine Health (AKCCHF)

Developing Breed-Specific Tests for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Dogs (AKCCHF)

Research on Brain Disease in Pugs Could Also Help Scientists Understand A Rare Form of Multiple Sclerosis (AKCCHF)

Racing Towards Answers – Scientists Look For A Better Understanding of Sled Dog Health. (AKCCHF)

Junk Food Science (SexIs Magazine 2010)

Stirring Things Up – Safer Sex for Women Who Love Women (SexIs Magazine 2010)

Equal Risk for Equal Play – The STD Epidemic in Women (SexIs Magazine 2009)

(Willful) Ignorance is Bliss (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Lower Education: Why STDs are Making a Comeback on College Campuses (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Getting “Wet”: Why & How Women Do & Don’t. (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Turning Off The Turn Offs (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Being a Slick Consumer (SexIs Magazine 2009)

How Green is my Silicone? (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Latex Allergies: Can’t Stop The Love ( 2008) – Unattributed

The Dangers of Nonoxynol 9 ( 2008) – Unattributed

How to Clean Sex Toys ( 2008) – Unattributed

Stopping Colds: Fact Vs. Hype ( 2008)

Oral Info: A Gay Man’s Primer on Oral Sex and STDs( 2008)

Mood Medicine: Fighting Depression with Exercise ( 2008)

MRSA: Skip the Rumors, Learn the Facts ( 2008)

An Ounce of Prevention: Preventative Health Care for Gay Men ( 2008)

Print Magazines

“What is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)?” NASW Focus November 2017. 44(10):5

“Technology: iPad Apps” The ASJA Monthly Magazine June 2011

“Fad and Thin” New York Moves. Sept 2006

“The Name Game” New York Moves. March 2006

“Humble Abode: Real Estate and Relationships” New York Moves. Feb 2006<

Other Non-Fiction on the Web

“Just Say ‘I Don’t’” (SexIs Magazine 2010)

“The World AIDS Day Project: Learning Out Loud” (SexIs Magazine 2009)

“Get A Permanent Pet ID With A Pet Microchip” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

“New Year’s Resolutions For You And Your Pet” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Hands on Paw Care” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Top 10 Pet Gifts of 2009” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

What’s In A Pet’s Name?” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

When and How to Brush Dog Teeth” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

The Scoop on Green Pet Litter” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Cyber Monday Shopping to Help Homeless Pets” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

What Are YOU Doing For Family Volunteer Day” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Top 10 Pet Safe Holiday Decorating Tips” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Paws Up to National Shelter Appreciation Week” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Ten Reasons Why YOU are the Volunteer Your Shelter Needs” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Scary Black Cat Myths? Purrfectly Ridiculous” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Top 10 Tips for a Pet Safe Halloween” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Top 10 Healthy Dog Activities For You & Your Dog” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Organic Pet Foods – Going Green With Your Pet” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Oh, the Agony! The Perils of Advice Column Addiction” (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Things To Think About When Looking For a Pet Sitter” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

The Rewards of Choosing to Adopt a Rescue Pet” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Dealing with Dog and Cat Storm Phobias” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Seasonal Pet Tips: Autumn is Tick Tick Ticking Closer” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Breed Specific Legislation” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Celebrate National Dog Day – August 26, 2009” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

Take Your Dog to Work Day” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

While Mom is Away – Stay at Home Dog & Cat Entertainment” (Bring Pets Home 2009)

A Short, Torrid History of Sex on the Internet” (SexIs Magazine 2009)

Advice On Talking About Your Exes With A Current Boyfriend Or Girlfriend ” ( 2009)

Advice On Getting Through Grad School In The Sciences” ( 2009)


“Two Sides of the Whole: Dr. Yunus Cengel” (Everest Productions 2006)

“Two Sides of the Whole: Dr. John Teske” (Everest Productions 2006)

“Two Sides of the Whole: Dr. Irfan Yilmaz” (Everest Productions 2006)

“Two Sides of the Whole: Dr. Varadaj Raman” (Everest Productions 2006)

Fiction and Poetry

“The Ivory Tower” in This Assignment is So Gay (Sibling Rivalry Press 2013) – ALA-Honored

“Size Queen” Tule Review (Sacramento Poetry Center, Winter 2012)

“Hope” Tule Review (Sacramento Poetry Center, Winter 2012)