Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D., M.P.H. has always loved writing creatively about science. In her life as an academic scientist, she occasionally gets in trouble for being a bit too creative with her journal articles, but she has always believed that science is fun and reading about it should be enjoyable too. To her, communication is a critical part of being a scientist. It does you no good to figure out a method of taking over the world if you can’t explain to your minions how to go about actually doing it. (Fortunately most mad scientists have not mastered this skill set.)

These days, Elizabeth is also a certified health education specialist who spends her time writing science-based fiction and non-fiction for a variety of age groups – children, teens, and adults. She blogs regularly about such diverse topics as human sexuality and canine health, and she is always looking for new things to learn. That’s why you’re just as likely to find her hanging upside down from a trapeze, or singing Irish music in a Brooklyn pub, as sitting in front of a computer with a pile of reference books and a cup of tea the size of her head.